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Used 1991 AMERICAN GENERAL M998 Unknown / Other For Sale Pensacola FL

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Unknown / Other

1991 AMERICAN GENERAL M998 Stock # KY15772 Description

I can't save you any money if you don't come see me.

Vehicle Details
Don't lose a chance to get this HUMVEE. This is a rare collectors item.

M998 model. 6.2 L diesel

Very clean runs and drives great.

Has metal doors.

Don't miss a chance to own a piece of History....

The interior and exterior are in good condition. The vehicle will give you many years of use as it has very low mileage. This unit's tough strong personality is reflected in its rugged exterior design. The intuitive interior design is extremely functional and improves the daily driving experience. Stretch out and feel the room in this large interior.

Additional Information
I can't save you any money if you don't come see me. A qualified Eddie Mercer - Automotive Sales Center sales consultant is available by phone to answer any questions you may have about this vehicle. We understand at Eddie Mercer - Automotive Sales Center that customer loyalty is earned one customer at a time. We want the opportunity to earn your business for life. Swing by today to view our entire Eddie Mercer - Automotive Sales Center inventory. Eddie Mercer - Automotive Sales Center prides itself on being the best dealership in the industry. Now that you found a vehicle you like, let's schedule a time for you to take a pressure free test drive. Are you curious about how much your vehicle is worth? A trained Eddie Mercer - Automotive Sales Center vehicle appraiser can book out your vehicle and deliver you top market pricing. Thanks for viewing Eddie Mercer - Automotive Sales Center's exclusive listings.

1991 AMERICAN GENERAL M998 Unknown / Other Details

Rear Bucket Seats

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